Fondazione Lang Europe Onlus

Fondazione Lang Europe Onlus

Fondazione Lang Europe Onlus is a non profit organization with the sole purpose of pursuing goals of social solidarity through direct and indirect giving, by financing social initiatives of non profit organizations in Italy and abroad.

For this purpose Fondazione Lang Europe Onlus joined Transnational Giving Europe, born in 1999 to collaborate with non profit organizations in 19 Countries to allow private and corporate donors to financially support social initiatives in member countries and obtain the fiscal benefits foreseen by their countries of belonging.

There is currently in Europe no other way for donors to benefit from fiscal advantages when donating from one country to another. If for goods and people we can talk of free exchange and circulation, this is not the case for giving, still lacking the acknowledgement of fiscal benefits for donors engaged to support a transnational social cause. The European Commission is aware of this issue and asked some countries to adapt their legislation but timing appears long. In this context, TGE provides a solution to allow donors from 19 member states to donate to support social initiatives in other member countries under the fiscal benefits of their own country.

Fondazione Lang Europe Onlus by joining this network will allow also Italian donors to experience the benefits provided by TGE. In this network there are currently organizations from:  Austria, Belgium, Bulgary, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romenia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Hungary.


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