IV Edition

October 25th, 2016

Philanthropy Day
IV Edition

The sole event in Italy on effective philanthropy

Social Investment Strategies for an Impactful Philanthropy

PLENARY SESSION      10.00 – 12.30

Strategic Philanthropy and Social Investment for Systemic Change. Despite progresses in the last 30 years, 1,3 billion people still live with less than $1.25 a day. To face these gap, in line with the new UN Sustainable Development Goals, huge amount of capitals are needed – about $2.5 trillion per year. Whether it is strategic philanthropy, venture philanthropy, impact investing… as a matter of fact the key role stays in the person and/or organization which, through the intervention, wishes to act as an engine of change for the Community.

Through the examples of established best practices and the contributions of sector experts, the session aims at presenting the tools of strategic philanthropy and social investment, presenting opportunity and successful cases in Italy and abroad and finally discussing the perspectives for our Country.

LUNCH & NETWORKING    13.00 – 14.00

BREAKOUT SESSIONS      14.00 – 16.00

Philanthropy as an Innovation Lab: Theory of Change for the organization or for projects and impact assessment. The case histories.  Philanthropy and the social sector represent an ideal lab for innovations, paving the way for new solutions to rooted social issues and testing the effectiveness of programs and projects. To this end, the focus cannot be only on managing interventions: it is fundamental to assess whether these programs were successful and able to produce the expected results. Through Italian and international cases, the session will take into account Theory of Change and Impact Assessment as tools able to define the model that each subject can use to define the intervention strategy and measure the actual effectiveness.


Structuring the Model of Intervention for the Community. Strategy and Governance to answer to Business’ and Families’ Dynamics. Philanthropic efforts of family business and foundations provide important resources for the Community: but in these subjects philanthropy play a particularly interesting role that can be managed in a dual perspective. On one side through the family lens – educating family members on matters as successions, wealth preservation, prosecution of values and commitment for the good of society. On the other, philanthropy can be a powerful mechanism to demonstrate engagement on long-term goals, strengthen managerial skills that can be translated into the business world, develop social and reputation capital, and empower the connection between family members and external stakeholders.




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