Edition VII

Thursday 24 October 2019

Philanthropy Day
Edition VII

The sole event in Italy on effective philanthropy

 ‘New Philanthropy’: trends, insights, opportunities

Once again, this highly anticipated annual event brings together Italian and international leaders, experts and philanthropists dedicated to social impact through performance philanthropy. This year’s conference theme: “New Philanthropy”.

A packed agenda provides participants with a blend of big-picture themes and deeper analysis on current and thought-provoking topics. Speakers and contributors will share their knowledge, experiences, analysis and insights on trends, opportunities and challenges with strategic and effective philanthropy.

The event welcomes individual philanthropists, leaders, advisors and protagonists from both non-profit and for-profit sectors, and offers a stimulating day of learning and exchange, through keynotes, roundtables, panel sessions, peer discussions and quality networking.

Programme highlights include:

  • Among international guests, Neil Gaught of Gaught & Associates (Strategy Advisor, Business Humaniser, Designer, Author & Speaker) keynotes on the new mindsets and imperatives for making sustainability and wellbeing priorities in your organisation: “At the core of the world’s most admired organizations – for- and non-profit – lies a powerful «Single Organising Idea (SOI®)». These organizations deliver sustainable economic and social benefit; they unite people, attract investment, inspire innovation, pioneer new efficiencies, and enjoy positive reputation.
  • A stimulating round table discussion on engaging Young Philanthropists to explore the opportunity of GEN Z – the world’s most populous generation according to Bloomberg – and the young seeking to change the world and philanthropy and social change, to understand and meet their demands.
  • A European panel focusing on the key role of funders in promoting climate change resilience strategies and a circular economy revolution with social impact.
  • Breakout sessions, panels and workshops for a vertical in-depth analysis, with best practices and Italian and international case histories, focusing on capacity building strategies, impact investing and sustainable finance practices, family business & philanthropy dynamics, useful tools like Theory of Change for strategic planning and development of outcome-driven execution models, key role of corporate philanthropy interventions and on “purpose” as a lever unlocking new values to boost brand reputation.

Full programme details and line-up of speakers will be soon available.




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