Interview with Etienne Eichenberger

Etienne Eichenberger, Chairman of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, is sharing with us on one hand his insights on the state of philanthropy from not only a European, but also a global perspective. On the other hand, the Chairman addresses the priorities of Swiss Philanthropy Foundation for the next 12 months.

How is the state of philanthropy today?

If you ask a Swiss person about the state of philanthropy in Europe, this is indeed a great sign that the TGE Network sees the movement of philanthropy beyond the political Union as of today. If you look back at the many years of the network, we have always been impressed by its expansion in Europe. From our perspective, if the TGE was the sole expression of generosity across Europe then, we would have failed as the total granting remains indeed modest. However, we are humble in our journey and we see the TGE as one of the indicator reflecting a part of the grantmaking in Europe, and in that sense, our work is still in progress.

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