Foundations and Trusts

Foundations and Trusts


Theory of Change (TOC) is the guide through which an organization can program its daily activity to plan milestones and strategic goals: it is the framework to assess what works and what does not and set up the course towards an ever-improving path of performance.

Fondazione Lang Italia creates and manages on-demand workshops to develop the Theory of Change at an organizational or project level. Thanks to the TOC workshop, organizations can go deep to restructure their strategy of intervention for:

  • Increasing their ability to create social change
  • Defining the indicators to assess social impact
  • Empower their attractiveness toward supporters and grant-makers


Proving the benefits produced by the intervention and the added value of the organization is a more and more strategic matter for foundations to:

  • Decide whether it makes sense to support an initiative
  • Inform supporters, beneficiaries and the overall community
  • Learn how to replicate or scale a pilot project

Fondazione Lang Italia sides organizations to assess their social impact, structuring a specific quali-quantitative methodology based on the goals of the study and choosing the most suited scientific partners.


Partnerships represent a pivotal factor to combine the efforts of different players – to face complex social issues, combine resources, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the initiative.

Fondazione Lang Italia walks organizations in the arena of the Italian and international philanthropy, providing analysis of scenarios and trends and starting the path towards partnerships with grant-making bodies, banks and companies.

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